BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Mmmm ribs…. I love ribs and my favorite has to be baby back ribs, they’re so tender and full of flavor!  The best place to get good ribs is your local butcher if you have one available, if not you may find them at your local supermarket.  Baby back ribs do cost a little bit more than back or side ribs but they’re certainly worth it for that special occasion, I typically BBQ back ribs but now and again I will treat myself :)


Prepare your ribs

To get the best out of your ribs, you’re going to need to prepare them well in advance of cooking time. I like to prepare my ribs around six hours before I even go near the grill.

  1. remove the skin from the back of the ribs – you’re going to want to do this to allow your rub to get into the ribs from both sides, plus it’s less chewy with the skin off.
  2. apply the dry rub of your choice.
  3. place the ribs in the fridge, remove around 30 minutes before you plan to stick them on the grill. This allows the meat to get to room temperature.


Prepare your grill

Before you can cook on your grill you need to get it ready.

  1. Clean the grill – heat the grill to a high temperature, this will burn off any remains from the last time you used the grill. Then brush the grill with a cleaning brush to get it nice and clean.
  2. Now that the grill is clean let’s get it ready for the meat, we don’t want your lovely baby back ribs to stick to the grill so we’re going to give it a quick blast with some cooking spray such as PAM. You can buy wipes that attach to your grilling brush, but a product like PAM is cheaper and has the same result.
  3. You need to cook your ribs with indirect heat, you want the overall temperature of the grill to be 325F before you slap the meat on. See the image below.


Let’s cook some ribs!

OK we’re ready to get this party started, it’s easier to take everything that you’re going to use out with you so you’re going to need your BBQ sauce, sauce brush and some beers.

  1. Pop a beer, it’s mandatory that you drink beer when BBQ’ing
  2. Place the ribs meat side up on the section of the grill that’s on the minimum heat setting
  3. After cooking for around 60 minutes you’re going to apply your favorite BBQ sauce to the meat side of the ribs and then turn them over for 10 minutes. At the same time apply the BBQ sauce to the other side of the ribs which is now facing up.
  4. After 10 minutes cooking the meat side, you’re going to want to turn them again and cook for a further 10 minutes.

Ribs, done!

The ribs are now done, it’s time to remove them from the grill and slice them up. Using a sharp knife separate the ribs by cutting meat side up, this way the meat will stay on the bone as you’re not pushing it away with the knife.  Stand back and gaze at the feast ahead, I hope you enjoy your ribs!